Following are comments from those who have endorsed Invisible Scars.



"Invisible Scars is the best film that I have seen on the subject of PTSD.

This DVD is a must view for family members and friends of service members."

Brigadier Major General James H Mukoyama, Jr., US Army (Ret)


“Invisible Scars is an important resource in the battle against PTSD . . .

You need to see this film.”

Brigadier General Douglas E. Lee, US Army (Ret), Chaplain


“I just watched the Invisible Scars DVD. Fantastic.

Really great production on the intro which sells the whole project.

Micah Bomgaars, Sr. Producer - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


“I am thankful for resources like this movie for veterans like me and for

those God puts in my path. We are not alone, thanks be to God.”

Vietnam Combat Veteran


“Invisible Scars is a blessing, it helped me show my family what PTSD is and how it affects a soldier.” 

101st Airborne, 1-187 Infantry


“I strongly recommend this DVD for any combat veteran or someone close to a combat veteran.”

Sgt. Patrick B. Coburn, (USMC, Ret) Vietnam Combat Veteran


“After watching Invisible Scars, I immediately picked up the phone and called a counselor.

I’m ready to talk about my experience.”

Navy Interpreter

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