May 10, 2016


Birmingham, AL – Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture President and Founder Bob Waldrep announced the premiere of Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury is set for Thursday May 12 at the Carmike Summit Theater. The film will be premiered to the general public at 7:00 PM. A special free screening for veterans will be shown at 7:30 PM. Ticket information for both showings can be found at


Other than among a relatively small subset of researchers and clinicians, the term Moral injury is a relative unknown—despite the fact some believe it is one contributor to the increasing suicide rate among the veteran population as compared to the civilian population.


This trauma has been largely overshadowed by and oftentimes confused with post-traumatic stress. Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury helps to set the record straight and provide much-needed clarification. For, it is only as this trauma is rightly understood that the correct help can be sought and provided.


Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury examines the brief history of moral injury, including why it such a relatively new diagnosis. This film also explores the impact of moral injury on combat veterans who have served in wars from WWII through the current wars in the Middle East. Veterans from these wars share their personal stories of how war has brought them to feel personal shame and guilt. In addition to the veterans, through interviews with researchers, clinicians, medical doctors, political leaders, and military experts Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury opens the door to look, not only at the cause of moral injury but the avenues of help available for the veteran and his or her family members.


The Crosswinds Foundation was formed to provide assistance and resources for those impacted by or interested in cultural trends; particularly, as they relate to social, political and religious issues. For more information contact Bob Waldrep at (205) 327-8317.


April 8, 2016
On April 7, 2016 Crosswinds partners were shown a Sneak Preview of the film Honoring the Code at the Summit Carmike Theater. Over 200 guests attended. Prior to the film veteran and country musician, J.T. Cooper gave a mini concert (one of J.T.'s songs is featured in the film). Those in attendance had glowing reviews for the film after viewing it.
March 24, 2016
Honoring the Code Executive Director Bob Waldrep announced that this new film addressing Moral Injury will premiere on May 12, 2016 at the Carmike Summit Theater in Birmingham, AL. Tickets are $10 and available to purchase online at the Honoring the Code website. Waldrep stated that group discounts are also available to groups of more than ten people.
September 24, 2015
Invisible Scars Project Director Linwood Bragan and the Director of Invisible Scars and Honoring the Code, Eugene Cuevas, were guests on the syndicated Matt Murphy Show on WAPI 1070. They discussed some of the issues facing our combat veterans who struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress and/or Moral Injury. 
July 14, 2015
Crosswinds Foundation President, Bob Waldrep, announced that he and staff members Linwood Bragan and Eugene Cuevas traveled to Washington DC during the week of July 6th. While there they interviewed several key policy makers and experts regarding the subject of moral injury, including: Lt. General "Jerry" Boykin, Dr. Ted George (author of Un-Tangling the Mind), linguistic specialist Dr. Sara Gilliam, Congressman Tim Murphy, PhD., Dr. Mary Neal Vieten, Commander Medical Services Corps USN, Congressman Robert Aderholt, and Father Charles Sikorsky, LC the President of the Institute for Psychological Sciences
June 4, 2015
Linwood Bragan, the Executive Director of the Invisible Scars Project, recently attended a national public policy meeting in Washington DC. where he provided an update on the Invisible Scars Project. He also shared a brief clip from "Honoring the Code" giving those in attendance a first-look at this new film about moral injury. Click the image below to view Mr. Bragan's report and the film clip shared with attendees.
May 22, 2015


Production of Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury began in May. Director, Eugene Cuevas has announced the filming schedule for May, June, and July include locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia and Washington DC. Cuevas said, "We have scheduled some of the leading experts on the subject of moral injury to participate in Honoring the Code." Cuevas adds, "In addition to the experts we have contacted the discussions we have had with our veterans have been extremely moving and motivational as to the need for this film."


Crosswinds Foundation president, Bob Waldrep also announced that, as with their previous film Invisible Scars, Honoring the Code will be distributed at no cost to veterans and those who currently serve. Waldrep believes this can be done based on the response to Invisible Scars. "Due to the generous help of those who invested in Invisible Scars, we have been able to distribute over 6,000 copies of Invisible Scars to our veterans and active service members", said Waldrep. He added a great deal of the credit goes to the corporate community stating, "Our corporate sponsors have been a tremendous asset to this project and are a reflection of the desire the American public has to ensure our soldiers who struggle with PTSD and moral injury know they do not stand alone".



March 14, 2015


Crosswinds Foundation and Front Porch Media, the producers of Invisible Scars: Hope for Warriors With Hidden Wounds, have announced their next film - aimed at serving our soldiers who have experienced the trauma of war - will address the subject of moral injury. Just asInvisible Scars has helped bring about a greater understanding of the effects of PTSD, their new film Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury will bring greater clarity to an issue that needs much greater understanding and much more research into effective treatments.



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